Photo by YouTube

It's no doubt that Adele‘s reign as the U.K.’s golden girl shows no signs of stopping, and this clip from her concert DVD, ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall,’ proves why.

In Adele’s performance of ‘Turning Tables,’ she shows that she is more than capable of captivating her enormous audience with her talent alone. Adele’s performance of the song, inspired by an argument in a dim sum restaurant with her ex, was clearly an emotional one for her. It almost sounds as if her voice cracks just a bit in the first chorus, but she regains her footing and it remains strong as ever throughout.

The ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ DVD/CD set hits shelves on November 29th. Since Adele is on vocal rest for the rest of the year as she recovers from throat surgery, this is as close as fans will get to seeing the record-breaking, award winning chanteuse live.