Paul McCartney is one of the highest paid entertainers in history, pulling in a cool $3.5 million a show, but is he the richest lead singer on the planet?  

The answer is yes! estimates his fortune to be around $800 million. McCartney says he's amused by how much time the press pays to his net worth and while the dollar amount they  come up with isn't accurate, it's still cool in his opinion.   The money keeps rolling in for Sir Paul as he'll be doing more tour dates this fall.

Some of the other richest lead singers in the world, according to

2.  Bono $600 million

3.  Jimmy Buffet $600 million

4.  Elton John $320 million

5.  Mick Jagger $305 million

6.  Gene Simmons $300 million

7.  Sting $290 million

8.  Phil Collins $ 250 million

9.  Dave Matthews $250 million

10.  Prince $250 million