Now everyone has a picnic and goes to a parade on the 4th of July. Nothing to crazy about that right? Well, other parts in our country know how to celebrate our independence out of the norm. Here's some of the weird, crazy, odd, strange, and bizarre 4th of July celebrations. 

1) Computer Trap Shoot

For about a decade now, a group of friends in south central Kentucky gather old, clunky computer items all year long, then take them deep into the wilderness of central Kentucky each Independence Day. The components are launched into the air and used for target practice according to MentalFloss. That's a great way to get ride of those massive old computer towers.


2) The Mimes Festival

Every year, the San Francisco Mime Troupe opens their performing season on July 4th with a free show. Now these aren't the mimes with the painted faces you're thinking they are. They are actors performing shows without speaking.

The experimental theater group was founded in 1959, and has performed in San Francisco city parks since winning an obscenity case in 1963. The San Francisco Mime Troupe does not perform silently or paint their faces white, but their productions are movement-based. "

Pretty interesting take on Mimes.


3) Parade Of Boats

Murrells Inlet in South Carolina hosts a parade of boats on the 4th of July each and every year since 1984. Boats line up to be decorated, spectated, and appreciated. Something completely different than the normal parade.


4) National Tom Sawyer Days

To celebrate the life of this fictional character, and the true America that he represents, there are plenty of themed events in Hannibal, Missouri on the 4th of July. Weird Worm reports there are plenty of games to play throughout the weekend:

These events include a frog-jumping contest and a contest to celebrate the above-mentioned fence painting."

I would add you could probably find live readings of the book.


5) Chowderfest

Not only can you celebrate hot dogs on the 4th of July, you can add Chowderfest!

During Chowderfest, people compete to see who can make the best chowder, and thousands of clams huddle for their lives hoping that they won't get picked. People who attend the festival are then invited to share in the results of the delicious recipes. Afterwards, favorites are voted for, and winners are announced."

So it's a delicious take on chowder for the 4th of July.