Valentine's Day.  America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk this weekend.  The Heart Radiothon on our sister station this weekend.  Hearts get plenty of attention in this month of February.  Know what the best foods are for a healthy heart?

Heart disease runs in my family, so when I saw this list of heart healthy foods in my doctor's office last week, it caught my attention.  Some of these I'm good about eating but others I need to work on including in my meals.  How about you?  Are you eating enough of these heart healthy foods?

1.  Salmon

2.  Flaxseed

3.  Oatmeal

4.  Black beans and kidney beans

5.  Walnuts and almonds

6.  Red wine

7.  Broccoli

8.  Blueberries

9.  Brown rice

10.  Soy milk

11.  Carrots

12.  Spinach

13.  Sweet potato

14.  Red bell peppers

15.  Tomatoes