Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away, and that means thinking about a romantic gift for your sweetheart. For women, we guys will probably head to the florist or candy store, or both, and maybe dinner out. But, is that what they really want?

According to a recent Harris Poll from 2013, here is what women say they want for Valentine's Day:

Number one: Flowers (16% of women interviewed)

Number two: A day of pampering (14% of women interviewed)

Number three: Jewelry (13% of women interviewed)

Number four: House cleaner for a month (10% of women interviewed)

Chocolates came in well bellow the tor four, but according to the survey, 34% of Americans have plans to purchase candy for their sweethearts.

So guys, you can't go wrong with flowers, add a little pampering and jewelry and you'll hit a home run.