Want to make a funny, clever, witty or profound remark on Facebook, but can't quite think of something? Introducing the new app that takes all the thinking out of Facebook updating - What Would I Say.

What Would I Say takes a look at all the updates you've ever made on social media to learn your speech patterns and creates custom status updates for you.

Here are a few status updates that What Would I Say generated for me

  • Turns out we're driving the Indiana Toll Road through West #FrogFest and Rodeo
  • I got no ink.
  • Hat tip on to 29.
  • I got to move Walking Dead fans
  • Did her Roly Poly from the best event Lite 98.7
  • Ketchup, and use SiriusXM or they're aspiring for a huge Miller Lite during the interview, he didn't have White Sox
  • Within the last 2K years, just set in tow. Andrea hits the train tonight