It's been big news in Whitesboro that the district has not been able to reach an agreement with the new group that runs the Utica AUD about hosting the high school graduation. So the district appears stumped about when to host commencement.

The first idea was the school's gymnasium, an idea that didn't sit well with the student body. Other college gyms and field houses are being considered.

However, I think that Whitesboro already has the prefect spot for graduation: its football stadium.

Every once in a while I am reminded about how different traditions can be in other parts of the country. Where I'm from, high school graduation ceremonies are held at the football stadium. There's always enough room for attending families and since the school already own the facility, there are no scheduling or any other concerns.

It seems like such an easy and elegant solution. (Oh, what about rain? We had a rain date or yes, mayb,e you'd need the gym then).

Eric Meier/TSM

So, tell me, I'm honesty curious and not trying to start a flame war, why couldn't the football field work for Whitesboro and any Central New York district?

UPDATE: Something got settled between the school and the AUD which will now host the Whitesboro graduation.