Bills from all that holiday shopping.  Cold weather.  Snow.  Resolutions for the new year.  January brings many things but not much in the way of love.  January has earned the nickname "Divorce Month." 

Now that the holidays are over and Valentine's Day is still just over three weeks away, now is the time when married couples throw in the towel.  How did January earn the nickname "Divorce Month?"

According to Fox News 10, more divorce papers are filed in January than any other month.  Couples often stay together for the sake of their kids through the holidays.  Plus, most people would rather not divorce on Christmas and for some, a holiday bonus is handy to pay for legal fees.

But once the holidays are over, the divorce filings begin.  That's how January is known is legal circles as "Divorce Month."

September is the second most popular month for divorces.  Seems like those summer vacations are all they're cracked up to be for couples.