He spent over 60 years in baseball. Don Zimmer was a player, a manager, a coach and an adviser for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Mets, Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. He even helped manage the 1978 Boston Red Sox. In 1989 Don Zimmer helped lead the Chicago Cubs to a surprising division championship.

The New York Times reminds us:

While a Yankees coach in October 2003, at 72, he charged Boston’s star pitcher Pedro Martinez during a playoff melee. Zimmer swung and missed, and then was thrown to the Fenway Park turf by Martinez. He soon apologized for sullying the game he loved.

New York sports fans may remember Don the most as being Joe Torre’s bench coach from 1996 to 2003. Yankees' fans were surprised when he quit the team, claiming that he had been treated abusively by the Yankees’ owner, George Steinbrenner.

The entire baseball world will miss you Don.