You've heard the expression never say never, right?  Well, there are two things Elton John swears he will never, ever do.   Any guesses what they are? 

John told The Sun he never plans to release a dance record because he doesn't know how.  He admits to not being too tech savvy, saying he doesn't own a phone or computer and isn't great as using a computer either.  As for social media, don't expect any tweets from John.  He plans to never open a Twitter account for fear of the trouble he might get himself in, explaining: "It would end my career.  I'd be in prison after two days.  I mean, no, God almighty.  Me and my big mouth.  No thank you.  That would be the end of my career."  Fans should also take note that he'll be appearing less and less in his videos becuase he wants people to interpret what they think the song means and he also doesn't really want to be in any videos anymore.