The Super Bowl is the most-watched television program in America TV history. The Big Game has drawn an estimated 100 to 112 million viewers every year over the last few and this year is sure to be no different. We've complied a list of some fun facts about the Superbowl that you may have not know about and you can share with friends on Super Sunday.

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According to kidzworld; Between 14,500 and 15,000 tons of potato chips will be eaten on Superbowl Sunday.

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Of the top 10 most watched American television programs of all time, nine of them are Super Bowls. In fact, Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 unseated the M*A*S*H* series finale as the most watched show in television history with over 106.5 million viewers.

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The National Football League has a policy against holding Super Bowl games in stadiums that have poor weather in January or February. The climate where the game is to be played must not have a temperature of less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, unless it is an enclosed stadium.

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What's with the Roman numerals? The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over two calendar years. This helps us keep track.

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Did you know that over 700,000 footballs are produced every year for use during the NFL season? 72 of those balls are used for the Super Bowl.

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It's estimated that over 700,000 U.S. employees won’t show up for work the Monday morning after the Super Bowl.

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The first NFL team to win 6 Super Bowls was The Pittsburgh Steelers. The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers have  won it five times. Could the 49ers win a sixth?

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It's estimated that the net amount of money wagered worldwide on a Super Bowl game is over 8.2 billion dollars.

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Papa John’s prepared for last year’s Super Bowl by stocking its shops with a total of 2,000,000 pounds of cheese and 350,000 pounds of pepperoni.

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The price of a 30-second commercial during the first Super Bowl in 1967 was $40,000
. $3,800,000 is the price of a 30-second commercial during this year’s game.

Enjoy the game.