You always want to be prepared if you're going to be "roughing it" in the woods or at a campground, but some things you really aren't going to need.

You may not NEED peppermint oil, but it does keep the spiders away. So you'll probably want to bring that camping (especially if you're sleeping out in a tent). Those are not the kind of items we're going to tell you to go without. This is more for those who haven't made their way camping in a while, or those who need a reminder of what camping is really all about. Alright, here's just a few things you can skip while packing for that camping adventure:

1 - A Hairdryer: Camping is supposed to be "roughing it," you don't need to blow dry your hair. Let it air dry. Even it turns into a curly mess - That's what hair ties are for.

2 - White Clothes: Well, you can bring white clothes if you want, but they're probably going to get extremely dirty. They may even end up getting stained and ruined. Why risk it?!

3 - Perfume: You're going to smell like the outdoors and a campfire. It will be fine. Besides, some perfume may end up attracting bugs and we're SURE you don't want to do that.

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4 - A TV, Video Games, or Other Electronics: One of the best things about camping is unplugging and getting away from everything. Get away from the screens, too (both big and small). You should be spending your time taking in the fresh air, the beauty of nature, and all that, anyway.

5 - Too Many Clothes: Obviously you want options and you need extra clothes in case it gets cold or it rains or whatever, but you don't need to go crazy. This isn't a regular vacation where you may go somewhere nice to eat or where you can't wear the same hoodie for more than one day. Don't overpack.

6 - Blender, Mixer, or Other Small Kitchen Appliances: You're supposed to be "roughing it," you don't need these kinds of gadgets. If you want to have dip, make it beforehand, and pack it already made.

7 - People Who Don't Like Camping: If you don't like camping, you don't like camping. You can't force someone to enjoy it. Plus, if you bring someone who doesn't really want to be there, they're only going to complain and make it rough for everyone else.

8 - Chicken: It's just a pain to make sure it stays very cold before being cooked and making sure you cook it thoroughly while you're using a small grill or the campfire. There's plenty of other delicious food options while you're camping.

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9 - High Heels: Seriously, that's just stupid. You're not going to need them.

10 - Tons of Decorations, Flags, and Signs: Yes, you want your campsite to standout and maybe you want a marker for it so you can find it after a long hike or in the dark, but you don't need to go overboard. Have a sign and maybe a few decorations, but you don't need a whole bin full of these things. They just take up space and are not necessary.

Camping season is officially here in Upstate New York. We hope you get the chance to get out (at least once), and enjoy the Adirondacks, or just being outside in the sunshine and fresh air. And remember, it's "roughing it" (even if you're not really roughing it), so it's probably best to leave the above-mentioned items at home. Have fun out there!




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