We've seen it before - Christmas lights being set to music, but have you seen 13 houses time out their lights together for one song?

Christmas lights being set to music are amazing to watch on their own - whether it's an amazing display set to Frozen's 'Let It Go,' or a Star Wars loving family that set their lights to music from the movies. No matter how it's done, Christmas lights and music just go hand-in-hand.

And watching those flashing lights while music plays is just mesmerizing. These neighbors decided to pull their ideas together, and set up their lights to the same music. To watch the houses in this neighborhood flash and flicker to 'The Little Drummer Boy' is amazing. Seriously, whoever thought of this is a genius - It's just so much better with more than one house.

Now the video is from a few years ago, but that doesn't stop it from being so awesome! Maybe it's something we can get a neighborhood to do here in Central New York. Wouldn't it be cool if the businesses in downtown Utica did this, or even a street or two, out in New York Mills?



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