Twice each year, the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library swing open the doors to their warehouse on Esty Street in Ithaca for Upstate New York (and, no exaggeration, possibly the world's) largest used book sale.

And this year, as in the past, there is camping out before the doors opened on Saturday May 5. Usually people will camp out for concert tickets or Black Friday sales or a new video game or music release. How awesome that people will camp out for books?

The reason they camp out? To get first dibs at the new selections of course. The inventory for the Book Sale turns over each completely for each sale. The books cost the most on the first day, but the selection is the best. I've been to the Book Sale each year since I first discovered it earlier this decade. Actually, I make the trip to Ithaca a few times - first to donate my used books, then at some point during the magical three weekends when the book sale opens to the public.