My son and I are shuffling off to Buffalo to spend the holiday weekend with family. July Fourth conjures up images of family, fireworks and hot dogs, but sitting in traffic should also be included in your plans. The roads may be somewhat congested.

According to AAA: It's estimated that 40.8 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles during this Independence Day weekend, which began July 3rd. That’s actually down from the 41.1 million who hightailed it out of their areas last year.

About 34.4 million of those travelers are expected to skip town by driving and the majority of all travelers (32%) will leave home on Wednesday the 3rd.

And when people leave for the holiday, they're not exactly making a long weekend the next town over. The average round trip is expected to be 613 miles and cost $747, so make sure to hit the ATM – you’ll need the cash to fill up your tank.

As for what people will do during the holiday weekend while away from home, the most popular pastime will be seeing family and friends (57%), followed by eating (49%) and shopping (44%). Hitting the beach and sightseeing (36%) come up next, as well as visiting a national park or historic site (21%).



Drive Safely.