Kids today just don’t understand good TV. I may sound like an old man but they have cartoons with all sorts of crazy graphics, and nothing with any true meanings. 90’s Cartoons were where it was at. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, our generation clearly had the best TV. I’d like to see Teen Mom 2 try and beat Boy Meets World. It won’t happen! Let’s take a look at 5 Of The Greatest 90s Cartoons.

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    The Angry Beavers

    Two beaver brothers living on their own, what could be better? Norbert was the smart/cool one and poor Daggett was labeled as the stupid one. Both Beavers shared their new home together that was built magically when a truck crashed in the woods.

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    Hey Arnold!

    Arnold had style and one of the coolest bedrooms you’ve ever seen. He also introduced kids to creepy stalkers like Helga Pataki who had a shrine in her closet of a gum sculpture of Arnold. Stoop Kid, Yahoo Soda, and PS 118 will forever be burnt in my memory.

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    Rocko's Modern Life

    Rocko was a wallaby who immigrated to America from Australia. He tries to live his life but comes across a series of problems. Rocko's best friends include: Heffer (a steer who has been raised by wolves) and Filbert (an easily upset turtle), and lets not forget about Ed Bighead who hates having Rocko as a neighbor.

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    For more than 13 years we got to follow 4 babies: Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, and Phil and Lil Deville. On the sidelines are Tommy's mean cousin Angelica, their friend Susie Carmichael (same age as Angelica), along with everybody's parents.

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    Is there truly any greater love than Doug’s love for Patti Mayonnaise? I highly doubt it. Is there any greater hero in our world than Quail Man? I highly doubt it. Could Mr. Dink possibly show off any more than he already does for how much money he spends? I highly doubt it. If you need to catch a bite on the weekend why don’t you and you’re friends head on over to the Honker Burger.