Shows on TLC makes me feel so much better about my life.  The network has strayed so marvelously far from its original purpose as The Learning Channel.  Today's fare of extreme hoarders and other carnival side-show caliber reality series scratches an itch I didn't even know I had.

My Strange Addiction

Earlier this year, the TV show 'My Strange Addiction' (Wednesdays on TLC) featured a woman who has one of the strangest addictions we have ever seen. Adele is a 30-year-old who likes to eat couch cushions. She doesn't just chew on them, she actually eats them. When added all up, she has eaten a combined total of seven couches and two chairs in her lifetime.

We were so fascinated by this truly strange addiction that we decided to look for more footage of unusual eating addictions that they've had on the show. We certainly found them.

You can watch all 7 of them after the jump.

7. Glass Eater

Josh likes to eat glass. The light bulbs are probably the least fattening.

6. Cigarette Ashes Eater

Bianca isn't a smoker, but she likes to eat the ashes. That gives new meaning to secondhand smoke.

5. Hair Follicle Eater

Haley not only pulls out her hair, she also eats the follicles. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

4. Chalk Eater

Krystin used to just lick the chalk. Now she eats it. Chalk that up to strange. (From Discovery Health)

3. Glass Cleaner Eater

Crystal has been eating glass cleaner for 30 years. Someone get her some Fun Dip.

2. Toilet Paper Eater

Kesha likes to grab a little snack while visiting the bathroom. Seems like she's using it on the wrong end.

1. Couch Cushion Eater

Adele is 30 years old and eats couch cushions. Now that's comfort food.

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