We don't do this very often but, we are still looking for someone to adopt both of these dogs. Cryax and Havik appear to be so different yet they have so much in common. They would love to stay together and find a new permanent home, together, with you !

Come meet Cyrax and Havik! Cyrax is an adorable, 4 year old, neutered male, tan and black German shepherd mix. (He is long and low to the ground like a corgi!) Havik is a handsome, white and black spotted, Australian cattle dog mix. (He is a bit pudgy and could use some exercise!) Opposites attract--Cyrax is a lively little guy who is always on the go, while Havik is more laid back and likes to hang out and survey the scene. They are both very friendly and lovable dogs and they have been best friends since they were puppies. Cyrax and Havik would love to be adopted together--please come visit them soon!

Please come visit Cyrax and Havik today! You can find out more about the pets available when you Email the Rome Humane Society of Oneida County. Or visit them at 6247 Lamphear Road.

Call to find out about Cyrax and Havik, waiting for you at the Rome Humane Society, 336-7070.
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