Time to OD on some cray cray cuteness! Amber Rose, the stunning wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa and the mother of his son, Sebastian, 7 months, took their precious little fella for a swim and shared tons of super cute photos on Instagram. We can't with him. He's too cute for words.

The model, who once dated Kanye West, clearly loves being a mom and is totally, completely and madly in love with her son. We can't say we blame her, because he is adorbs. We want to squeeze him.

Rose, who is rocking an outrageous thunderbolt style pattern shaved into her famously close-cropped head, was teaching the little bugger to swim and showering him with kisses, or "shuggie," as she called it! He was giving mommy some sugar as he remained under her watchful eye and nestled in her arms in the water.

Check out the photos of Amber and Sebastian enjoying pool time. Oh, and a word of warning for Amber and Wiz. Bash is a looker. The girls are going to be draped on your front step when this kid grows up.


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