My quest for 'not so scary' movies we can watch with our five year old continues and it looks like we've found another. Toy Story of Terror debuted on ABC TV Wednesday, October 16th and we hope they'll show it again before Halloween.

You'll hear the familiar voices of the Toy Story moves like, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Timothy Dalton:
IGN Reports:

The voice acting is stellar as always, particularly by Joan Cusack as the plucky but traumatized heroine. As he did in Toy Story 3, Timothy Dalton steals every scene he's in with his hilariously over-the-top narration of the unexplained events that start to befall the toys. Weathers also shines, as he delivers Combat Carl's dialogue in the third person. Tim Allen's blustery Buzz and Tom Hanks' exasperated Woody anchor the proceedings as always

Here is another segment from the 22 minute movie that's good family fun. Enjoy Combat Carl: