This is one of those topics that inflames people's sensibilities. Best hot dogs. Depending on the exact region of Central New York, some would say Hofmann in Syracuse or maybe the fine products at the Hapanowicz butcher shop in the Utica suburb of New York Mills.

Folks in Rochester would vote for Zweigle's, while New York City connoisseurs might say Hebrew National or Nathan's. In Buffalo, it would be Sahlen's or Wardynski's. And, in the North Country, Glazier's bright red dogs are legendary. Which is funny, because while on vacation recently in New England, we encountered something similar to Glazier's red dogs, just to confuse this whole issue:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM
Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

Here's my conclusion: Hofmann's Skinless Dinner Franks (pictured at the top) are the best hot dogs ever. And why not? According to one of Hofmann's slogan's, they've been Bringin' the Meat Since 1879.

Some Facebook Friends agreed and others did not:

-Ann Harp: "Only ones I buy."

-Josh Amodio: "And if you purchase Aldi's brand, they are made by Hofmann's...just a few bucks less."

-Alexis Peters: "Hands down they are [the best]."

-Jennifer Brown McCann: "Love them boiled with Lay's potato chips and orange soda."

-Kaylin Broadwell (the Lite 98.7 afternoon personality): "I AGREE WITH THIS." (Yes, she used caps.)

-Phil DeFazio: "Snappy Grillers are awesome too." (Correct, Phil, although spicier.)

-Joel Graham: "Skinless, though? Blasphemy. It's that snap when you bite into it."

-Scott Falso: "Dinner Frank is a bit too much dog for the bun." (Scott IS correct, the specific dog pictured above is a bit longer and thicker than your average dog.)

So, where do YOU come down in this issue? Do you like the Skinless Dinner Franks that I prefer? Or is there another dog in your life?


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