Just like places to eat and great places to grab a drink, there are so many options for getting a massage in Central New York. But which place is the best?

I'm bringing this up because I need some help. I've only had a massage once and it was about seven years ago (too long, I know). Over the last few months, my shoulders and back have been getting very stiff and sore, and I figured a massage would be a great help. My problem?? I don't know where to start! There are so many places to get a massage in Central New York, how do I know which one is the best? So, we posed this question on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page,

Hi everyone!
Naomi Lynn is looking for some help. She would like to get a massage, but there are SO many options in CNY... Where is the best place to go??

We've gotten great suggestions on our Facebook Post, and a few call-ins as well (we stopped taking suggestions/calls at 9am on Tuesday, so we could move on to the next part of this). Now that we've 10 places in Central New York that are great for massages, we need to narrow it down. I'm looking to find the best one so I can book my appointment.

Can you help a girl out? Out of all the suggestions we've gotten, which place do you think is the best for massages. You can vote in the poll below to let me know. Voting is open now, you can vote once per hour, and the poll will stay open until Thursday, April 20th at 12pm.

Friday Morning, we'll announce the winner during your More Music Morning Show, and I'll be able to schedule my massage! Plus, you'll know which place everyone else thinks is the best... It could be the place you already go to, or you may have a new place to try for your next massage.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help. I really appreciate it!




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