Want to know what happened on Big Brother tonight? Well, we have the winner of the second Power Of Veto for Big Brother 2011. Save the drama for your momma Rachel, we have the full story here.

Tonight we open up to none other than Rachel. Rachel is trying to push Cassi out of the house. Ever since the first week when Cassi and Rachel had a minor fight, Rachel has been on a witch hunt to get Cassi out of the house. It's pretty pathetic, but true. Rachel and Brandon approached Jordan and tried to talk her into putting up Shelly and Cassi. Jordan told Jeff later on she didn't want to deal with their petty drama, this was only the beginning.

Our Veto challenge tonight only had 6 house guests playing. Jordan and Jeff, Adam and Dominic, Brandon and Rachel, and our Danielle hosted. Danielle came out dressed like a big queen. Jeff compared the backyard to “Willy Wonka's Factory and Candy Land”. What the contest consisted f was: Each house guest had to chew gumballs and cover their veto portrait. Seems too simply right? Well the trick was they had to chew gum on this balance beam. Jordan seemed pretty confident due to the fact “she walks and chews gum all the time”. If someone fell they could take a two week slop pass and hop back on the pole.

Jordan fell off first, and Jeff wouldn't allow her to take the slop. He asked her if she thought she could win, and she knew she couldn't. Once Rachel fell she grabbed the slop pass and started drama with Jordan not taking it. Rachel literally fell off within seconds, and now she is on slop duty for the next two weeks. She kept cheering on Brendon and creating more drama. Jeff started to get aggravated and so did the rest of the house.

Through the end it got close between Dominic and Brendon. Dominic pushed a little harder and won. At this point, all hell broke loose. Jeff started yelling at Rachel, and Rachel started crying in the bushes. This drama continued for the rest of the episode, we will get to this later during my thoughts.

Dominic used the veto to take himself and Adam off the chopping block. Cassi and Shelly went up in their place.

Dave's Thoughts

Rachel and Brendon need to go. All they do is create drama and problems. Rachel started crying in front of the whole house because she couldn't take what Jeff was telling her. This showed the whole house that the veterans alliance is not solid. You showed weakness Rachel for throwing a little baby fit! Also if I have to hear Brendon call her “babe” or try to calm her down, I'm done blogging! He's got to be the lamest guy ever in this game.

As for Shelly and Cassi, I would hate to see Cassi go, but I think Shelly will win. She has had the most impressive game play so far. She back stabbed the newbies, and no one has any idea. She will be silent but deadly.

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Who do you think is going home? Can you stand Rachel and Brendon?