Was Bigfoot ever spotted in Central New York? Actually, through the years, many sightings have been reported. This next report dates back to May 24, 2006.

This next report was submitted on June 2nd 2006 to the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization about a sighting in Herkimer County. It doesn't specify exactly where, but it says the area was a "Country setting... water forest.. rocks".

OBSERVED: I was fishing and had been there for several hours it wasn't dark but it was getting there and I thought I saw a bear out of the corner of my eye across the river a little ways down maybe 15 feet down the river from me and on the other side. When I looked I was Shocked to see this creature wasn't a bear but almost looked like a hairy man kneeling in the bushes staring at me. The Face was hard to make out but looked like a gorilla type face it watched me for a while, i reached for my cell phone as seeing as it was the only close thing i had to a camera but when i moved closer to get a pic the animal ran back a way in to the woods. It moved like a ape and not like a man at all. It ran on all fours but it definitely had hands. It stopped after running a little ways and turned to look at me i guess to see if i was going to follow it, but I had no notion to chase after something that i had no idea what it was, so i left and was not able to get a picture.

Activities of Witness: Fishing

Description of Creature: It was crouching down but I would say 6 or 7 feet tall maybe 350 pounds if not more. looked like a large ape very big chest and upper body structure.. moved on all fours black hair looked like gorilla hair not to long not to short looked like head hair was a main like on a lion it had hands those where very clear when i saw it move from behind the bushes.

If you live in Herkimer County, or near the area of Herkimer, have you ever had a Bigfoot encounter? Have you ever had anything similar happen?

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