At first glance you may look at this image and think it's a painting, but this is a photo that was taken on a misty Syracuse morning. The beauty of this Christmas picture has gone viral and it's no surprise why. The photo was taken by amateur photographer Jody Grenier.

Jody Grenier

According to,

The photo was happenstance. Every day, Grenier swings by Clinton Square on the drive to his building and grounds maintenance job at CENTRO. The amateur photographer always keeps an eye out for the ideal set up. With his SONY digital single lens reflex camera, Grenier snapped the shot of the tree, rink and historic buildings against celestial clouds at 5:30 a.m. Nov. 30.

After he posted the photo and went to work, he returned home later that day to see he had 800 likes on it. What is something that is an annual tradition for him has become something that so many can enjoy. Though there is no snow, it still perfectly represents the magic of Christmas.

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