Move over, Pauly D: There's a new Prank War King in town.

On Monday (June 25), Britney Spears blessed her Twitter followers with a hilarious video of her son, Jayden James, pranking her... again.

In the clip, 11-year-old Jayden shares that he's about to prank his famous mom now that she's returned home from a shopping trip. (Her favorite pastime!)

"I just stole mom’s phone and she got back from shopping and she forgot it while she went shopping," Jayden whispers into the camera, before revealing his devilish master plan. "So I stole it and I’m gonna scare her with it!"

Then, Jayden rounds the corner of Britney's closet, frightening her by yelling. In response, the pop star mom-of-two yelps and descends upon her son with a finger wag: "Jayden! Not funny," she scolds.

Watch the antics, below:

But this is hardly Jayden's first time at the prank rodeo: Last year, he and his brother, Preston, nearly gave their mom a heart attack when they snuck up on her in the kitchen. And in 2016, Britney quite literally collapsed on the floor after her boys pranked her with a jump scare.

Despite Britney's ongoing torture as a perpetual prank victim, however, don't feel too bad for the Princess of Pop—she is, after all, known as a bit of a prankster herself.

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