Gas prices aren't low here in Central New York but next time you groan when  filling  up the tank, be glad you're not living in California.  The Golden State has the highest gas prices in the country.  

As of last Sunday, the average price for gas in California was $4.65 for a gallon of regular unleaded but some areas, like Corona and Imperial Beach had even higher  prices at the pump.  $5.16 a gallon in Coronado and $4.69 in Imperial Beach.  I heard on the news that gas prices have jumped 66 cents in four days in California.  Isn't that crazy?   Drivers are really feeling the pinch and experts say it could be days before prices finally start to drop.  Monday the average went up to $4.66 a gallon.    Refinery problems are to blame for the record-setting prices.  If gas prices went that high here, would impact would it have on your budget?