Only a boob would drop a few grand on some melons, right?

Well, not everybody agrees. A fruit wholesaler in Japan has forked over $15,730 for a pair of eight-pound cantaloupe melons. Sure, you may be able to get two for four bucks at your local grocery store, so you know these melons must have something special about them. Like, really special.

As it turns out, they’re Yubari melons, which apparently means you’re able to convince some poor sap to spend as much on them as they would on a trio of brand new souped-up Yugos, circa 1986.

Yubari melons are a sign of wealth and prestige in Japan, kind of like people who can afford health insurance here in the US. Many folks even give them as gifts, which makes it that country’s version of Edible Arrangements, except it sounds like people actually like it when they receive this fruit as a present.

Fruit is somewhat of a rare commodity in Japan, with an apple fetching more than $5 and a pack of cherries going for more than $100. We say the Japanese should just skip out on the melons, apples and kiwi and just live on as much of that delicious Kobe beef as they can stuff in their mouths.

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