If you thought Jason Collins became the first openly homosexual athlete to play for a major American sports team, you'd be wrong. They have been and will be in the locker rooms of professional sports for years to come. Charles Barkley would agree according to what he told Dan Patrick.

Last month, Dan Patrick broke the story of Collins coming out, and it immediately rose to the top of the sports news stories.  According to NBC Sports;

The response to Collins’ decision has been overwhelmingly positive, but the concept of playing with a gay player is still a major talking point across the world of sports. Former NBA star Charles Barkley joined The Dan Patrick Show and talked about Collins’ decision to come out, telling Patrick about his experiences with gay players in the locker room.

During the interview, Barkley stated that everyone who has played in the NBA has had a gay teammate at some point.

Will we see more of this in the future? The NHL, MLB or the NFL?

Listen to the entire interview here.