I was super impressed by this high school cheerleader routine. They performed this to commemorate 9-11. It gave me the chills!

I thought my former high school cheerleaders at Middleburgh Central were talented. They were immensely coordinated and they had some of the best cheers ever. I recall this one: "Don't be sad, don't be blue. Frankenstein is ugly too." In hindsight I guess that wasn't a very nice thing to say about our opponents but they nailed it nonetheless.

I'm always amazed when teams are able to coordinate choreographed routines. I imagine its way harder than it looks. I played the Mad Hatter in my Junior High school's presentation of Alice in Wonderland. In one scene, my job was to sing and dance with Alice and the Cheshire cat. It was choreographed but it took us nearly all day to organize. I can't imagine trying to get all these girls to work in unison.

Check out this video!