Christina Aguilera is getting back to basics yet again. The singer, who adopted a jazz-inspired sound on 'Back to Basics' back in 2006, teamed up with legend Tony Bennett for his 'Viva Duets' collection.

The duo duet on 'Steppin' Out With My Baby,' and Aguilera adopts an unusually (for her) understated tone on the song. She doesn't do as many ad-libs or vocal trains as she normally does, resulting in an even balance with Bennett's signature, clipped style. The pair previously performed the duet twice, once in 2006 for Bennett's NBC special and again at the 2007 Emmy Awards. Aguilera looked like the classic Hollywood starlet from the 1948 era in which the track was written, with her blond bouffant and Marilyn Monroe-inspired pink gown.

Billboard reports that Aguilera is the latest in a slew of stars to share a mic with Bennett, who has previously recorded with the late Amy Winehouse, John Mayer and one-time Aguilera rival Lady Gaga. 'Viva Duets' is Bennett's latest collection of collaborations, focusing on Latin artists, including Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan.

Perhaps Bennett is hoping to add more trophies to his likely cluttered shelf. He previously won two Grammys for his performances of 'Steppin' Out With My Baby' off of his MTV Unplugged album -- and before you youngins' ask, yes, he was on MTV, and he rocked it!