Adult coloring books have been popular for awhile. Crayola will capitalize on that this holiday season. The perfect gift for that person who has everything. 

A  way to unwind after a stressful day. Sit at the table with the kids, do some coloring, and talk about the day. Just another form of game night.

Crayola calls the line Color Escapes.

Crayola Color Escapes are the premium coloring pages specially designed for adults. Whether it’s about reliving your childhood or tapping into your peaceful place, Color Escapes offer a soothing, creative experience that’s easy to do and easy on your mind.

There are four different coloring kits to choose from:

  • Garden
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Geometric
  • Nature

Each kit comes with

  • 12 count fine line markers
  • 50 count colored pencils
  • 12 count watercolor pencils
  • 12 coloring pages

With a price tag of $24.00 you don't want to leave this out for the little ones to scribble on. LOL even though we love their creations.

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