Season 6 of 'True Blood' on HBO is in full-swing, and at today's panel at Comic-Con 2013, showrunner Brian Buckner premiered a new teaser trailer for the back-half of the season, promising some heavy drama, heavier action, and plenty of fang-banging, wacky times.

Buckner kept mum on details of the remaining episodes, but this much is clear from the footage: someone is going to die. We see Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) delivering a eulogy at a funeral, and Sarah Newlin (the amazing Anna Camp) going totally bonkers and leading a religious crusade against the vampires. We've seen this season that Governor Burrell isn't the one really pulling the strings, as Sarah has been manipulating him and pushing him toward a mass cleansing and purging of all vampire kind.

Another thing the season has been building to is Bill/Lilith's vision of our core vampires (Eric, Jessica, etc.) "meeting the sun" and being burned into oblivion. That moment is also teased here as we see Jessica in a cylindrical room, preparing to meet the one true death. We don't know about you guys, but Jessica is the last person (or vampire, rather) we hope to see die on the show.

We'll have more for you later when our coverage of the 'True Blood' panel goes live.

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