It's a time-honored winter tradition--schoolchildren crossing their fingers and hoping for a snow day, which equals a day off from school. The phenomenon may soon be going the way of the dinosaur.

The latest educational trend is the concept of "remote school days" that could replace snow days. Assignments would be given out online and students would be required to complete work on the Net. This would mean there could ALWAYS be exams and studying and learning, even when schools are closed due to snowstorms and inclement weather. It's an idea whose time has come in some places.

School districts in U.S. states like Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina and elsewhere have been studying and even testing out the practice. The New Jersey Board of Education already likes the idea.

Virtual school would not be restricted by weather calamities, which cost school districts time and money, disrupt the progress of learning, and often leave some working parents scrambling to provide for their kids at home.

Do you think this idea would fly in Central New York, where snow days have a tendency to, um, pile up? How would YOUR kids feel about virtual school replacing snow days?


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