This woman gave her husband more than just her heart.

An Indiana woman who donated her kidney to a complete stranger wound up marrying him after the two fell in love.

Chelsea Clair, 26, decided she wanted to donate her kidney to Kyle Froelich, 23, after briefly meeting in 2009. She says her father had needed a bone marrow transplant before he died of cancer, so she felt it was important to help someone else.

Froelich never thought Clair would come through for him, but, sure enough, they passed all the medical tests and went through with the procedure, a potentially lifesaving feat for Froelich, since there are some 99,000 people on a kidney waiting list.

After the procedure, the two began dating and they tied the knot a few weeks ago, although Clair still kids around about who has the upper hand in this relationship:

I joke with him sometimes if we get into an argument. I'll tell him I’m gonna take my kidney back and then we both just laugh."

The fairy tale has even more of a happy ending than you might think, too – the couple has an 11-month-old baby.

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