The OD this past weekend was chock full of flyers from lots of different stores, hoping to entice shoppers to begin their holiday shopping before Black Friday.  No, I haven't started yet, but as I flipped

through the ad inserts, I couldn't help but wonder if I'm the only one who's frustrated by coupons with restsrictions.

For example, one store that I like to shop at had a coupon for ten dollars off.  Great, right.  That's until you read the restrictions in that tiny print and find out that you can't use the coupon on thirty six different items or brands.  I was in a store recently trying to buy a shirt with a twenty percent off coupon.  When I got to the register, I was told the shirt was already on sale so I couldn't use the coupon.   No big deal, I'll come back another day and use it for something else.  A few days later, I tried to buy something else with that same twenty percent off coupon.  Guess what?  'The coupon couldn't be used with the brand I was buying.  Guess next time I'll read the fine print before shopping there.   This store isn't the only one I've encountered this at.  Why make it so difficult for the customer to use a coupon?  I would think retailers would like to make it easy for customers to spend money at their stores, especially this time of year.