Buying a cupcake from a vending machine might not be a new idea, but people are getting pretty excited about high-end cupcake-maker Sprinkles unveiling a 24-hour cupcake ATM at their Beverly Hills store.

The machine allows you to purchase a variety of different, freshly baked and individually boxed cupcakes. If you're a cupcake fiend, be prepared to pay the price. The cupcakes are $4 each.

Eventually, there are plans to offer cupcake mix, apparel and even dog treats for sale through the ATM, and they'll be cupcake dispensers soon popping up in New York, with Sprinkles looking at locations in Midtown, Downtown and the Upper West Side.  See how the machine works in the video below.

Cupcake ATM's?  Now I think I've heard everything.  And 24 hours.  That's not good for the hips, or the butt ladies.

Source: Huff Post

See how the Cupcake ATM machine works