The Man with the Iron Fists,’ Quentin Tarantino’s latest gory but seemingly epic film project, features a hulking not-so-gentle man who can transform his flesh into metal at will (much like Colossus from ‘X-Men,’ for all you comic book enthusiasts out there). In order to convey this character, the film crew needed someone just as muscular, just as manly, and, frankly, just as hot as the person written in the script.

No wonder they ultimately chose former WWE fighter David Bautista. He’s got the whole package.

Watch the NSFW ‘Man with the Iron Fists’ Trailer Below

First off, this guy knows how to fight both on and off the screen. Second, he was also in ‘The Scorpion King 3,’ which known of us saw because (let’s get real) it was the unnecessary third installment of the first ‘Scorpion King.’ But we’re sure Bautista picked up some helpful butt-kicking tips from working that set.

And third, he’s known for his many (and we mean many) tattoos, which are essentials for anyone looking to play a rebel in any sort of kung-fu movie. Duh!