It's a case of deja moo: two cows are on the loose in Utica after making a brazen escape from their new owner.

According to a Facebook post, the cows were among several that had been sold by a local farmer. The cows were being transported when they "broke loose from the trailer they were in." At the time of their escape on November 9, the cows were on Dyke Road in Schuyler. One ran toward Schuyler, the other toward Utica. They are "Oreo" cows - black on either end with a white middle.

The message was posted by Christine Coniguliaro-Buda, who says the farmer who sold the steer - Donald Haman - is her father. She asks the if anyone sees the steer, do not approach them - just call 315-733-7651.

Since the initial posting, one of the two steer has been "contained" near the Industrial Park, but the other is still on the loose. Some witnesses say they've seen the cow running down Bleecker Street in Utica.

This isn't the first time livestock has gotten loose in Utica - or even a cow, for that matter - there was the cow that got loose in Utica in 2015. Then there was the cow in Lowville. Of course, you can't forget the wayward cows in Waterville. And of course, most recently, the baby pip that got free in Rome.

Remember, if you happen to see the cow, DO NOT APPROACH IT. Call 315-733-7651 or the Utica Police Department.


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