Gleeks can be heard screaming across the country in anticipation of ‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie,’ which comes out on Aug. 12 for a limited two-week run, but if you’re a fan and can’t wait another minute, read ahead to get some juicy spoilers from the film’s director, Kevin Tancharoen.

On Tuesday, just one day after officially completing the film, Tancharoen revealed some spoilers through a live webchat via Livestream.

This isn’t your average music documentary, so be prepared for the unexpected. Thanks to the unique nature of ‘Glee,’ Tancharoen had the opportunity to steer away from the norm. Audience members will see the ‘Glee’ characters preparing for a show, rather than the actors themselves. “So instead of seeing Lea Michele get her makeup done, it’s Rachel Berry,” Tancharoen said.

Tancharoen also explained parts of the film were improved, such as the backstage interview footage with the cast. “Ryan Murphy walked around with me [while filming] so [the cast] was very comfortable … There are some similarities in all of them with their character counterpart and that’s why they’re able to portray them so well,” he said.

Any Britney fans out there who check out the movie won’t be disappointed. Heather Morris doesn’t fail in delivering her famous one-liners created as the dumb blonde Cheerio.  “There were a couple that she improved that I wasn’t allowed to include in the film because they were too risque. She came up with one liners on the spot, it was great,” Tancharoen revealed in his interview.

If Britney isn’t your cup of tea, no worries because there is a lot of Warbler action. “If you’re a big Warbler fan you’re gonna love the film because they have a very big role in the film,” he said.

However, Sue Sylvester supporters won’t be pleased, as the mean-spirited coach, played by the Emmy-winning Jane Lynch, is not part of the film.

“We wanted to have her in the film but her character is so mean — very funny, but mean — to the cast that it didn’t work with how high-spirited the film is,” Tancharoen said.

At the end of his interview, Tancharoen spilled that Gleeks are also featured in the music documentary. “We went and shot three super fans who have been affected by ‘Glee’ the show. We asked them a bunch of questions and we interviewed them and we tied them in with the live show. We want Glee to feel like [a] universe that you can be a part of … It is a community.”

With all these spoilers, who can resist but to now go and see ‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie!’ Be sure to get in line early, before all the tickets sellout.

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