Most of us like to think we're contributing to the overall good, or at least feel like we're needed when we show up to work whether we like our jobs or not. But here's a list of jobs that even those that do them have chimed in to say they're not helping make the world a much better place at all. Keep in mind that the average disappointment level across all jobs polled was less than 1% so even 5% is actually a lot, making our #1 job on the list absolutely astronomical comparatively...

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Fast Food Worker

    In a recent survey by Payscale, a whopping 38+% of fast food workers polled felt that their job was worthless because they know they're handing you "junk" food and even though we order it, they feel somewhat responsible for the our waistlines and not-as-fit lifestyles.

  • Steve Grayson/Getty Images
    Steve Grayson/Getty Images

    Gaming Dealer

    Next in line is your friendly neighborhood Poker or Blackjack dealer at our beloved Turningstone Casino. Nearly 18% of these card whipping and flipping pros find it difficult to take gambler's money especially when they probably don't have it to lose in the first place really.

  • Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    Joe Raedle/Getty Images


    Bet you were waiting for this one, with the bronze medal in this survey comes the person whose job it is to take abuse on just about every call they make. Over 9% of these people hate nagging and bugging you just as much as you do. Unlike the passive salesperson at Best Buy who just asks if you need anything and goes away when you politely blow them off, these people are paid to pushing you to the point of forcing you to be ruse and then hang up frustrated. They have to be invasive and I've got to tell you, I wouldn't last a day in this job!

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    Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    Television Newscast Director

    I stopped watching the nightly news a long time ago because it seemed to me that the majority of the stuff reported on carried a negative tone but imagine being the person who has to direct these stories for a living. I have a choice whether or not to turn my TV on, they ARE my television essentially. Just a tad over 8% of TV news directors wish they could report on happier things, but let's face it, The girl who did awesome on her 4H project just isn't as spectacular as a bank robbery although she's contributing WAY more to the world.

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    David Silverman/Getty Images


    Watching the bad news happen is one thing but if you don't grab their keys or cut them off, you could be contributing TO the news. Nearly 7% of your drink servers would prefer to be serving you those soft drinks from above although they would have a hard time giving up the better paycheck. Similar to the blackjack dealer, the mixologist is also forced to enable alcoholics who shouldn't be drinking at all much less too much.

  • Joshua Lott/Getty Images
    Joshua Lott/Getty Images

    Loan/Bill Collector

    Just shy of 5% of loan collectors hate chasing down people who've fallen delinquent on their bills because most of those that fall on hard times aren't bad people and and collectors know it could just as easily be them on the other end of that call. Like the telemarketer this job has got to be one of the most emotionally exhausting ones dealing with already unhappy people from the get-go.

  • Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
    Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

    Fashion Designer

    This sounds like it might actually help, but actually no because most fashion designers design clothes for models, not your average Jane or Joe and therefore when you try on outfits you can be pretty disappointed, especially if you've been making frequent trips to the number one blah job on our list. Assuming of course that you can afford to keep up with the fashions in the first place and aren't being visited by the job above this one. I for one think the only thing on runways should be airplanes. Almost 5% of fashion designers feel like they're putting unfair strains on people trying to live up to an unreachable standard.