A man being searched for in connection with a possible abduction attempt in Utica has been found, and police say he is guilty of...trying to protect a neighborhood apple tree.

Despite reports that "a man in a small white pickup truck" was trying to lure children into his car, it appears that no criminal activity was intended.

Utica Police say that their investigation and interviews confirmed that the man was indeed trying to get the children away from, and stop destroying, an apple tree.  They are thanking the public for its help and cooperation during the investigation.

A separate incident involving a white pickup truck in Syracuse is still under investigation and is not believed to be related.

Authorities say that although this incident did not involve an attempted abduction after all, children should still be educated to use caution around strangers and report all suspicious activity to police.

Here is the original story:

Utica Police Investigate Attempted Abduction

Utica Police are investigating an attempted abduction. Police say a woman and her husband saw a man trying to lure a five-year old child into his vehicle in the area of High Street and Addington Place on Tuesday. The man fled after the woman and her husband yelled at him.