Police in the northern Indiana city of Elkhart have released a chilling statement detailing a threat against schools in the area.

The release, which was shared on Facebook by a reporter for WBND-TV, details an anonymous threat to 'kill 20 students at 5 different schools.' The threat date is April 15, 2013.

The police release indicates they are working with area school districts including Elkhart Community Schools and police in neighboring Saint Joseph County (the home of Notre Dame and South Bend) to formulate an action plan.

Here is the press release:

The Elkhart Community Schools has also released a statement from Superintendent Rob Haworth:

You may have heard recently about an anonymous threat that was made against the students of the schools in St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties. The Elkhart Community Schools, as with the other school districts in both counties, are in close contact with local law enforcement agencies as those agencies continue to investigate that situation.
Events such as last year’s tragedy in Connecticut have had an impact on our national conversation about safety, and have weighed heavily on our hearts and our fears. Though most threats like the one recently uncovered locally turn out to be nothing more than an individual seeking the public’s attention or a student looking for a day off of school, city and county law enforcement agencies (and school districts) investigate each and every such threat with considerable seriousness.
One of the most primary concerns of a school district is the safety of its students and employees. The Elkhart Schools have implemented and continue to refine security strategies developed by specially trained school officials in partnership with agents of local law enforcement. Among the changes that have taken place over the past several months, we have increased the presence of law enforcement officers in all of our schools.
Our district’s response to this particular threat is being developed in partnership with the Elkhart Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.
We ask that individuals who have information regarding this or any other threat to
students, schools, or our community to communicate that information to appropriate
local law enforcement agencies.