A Houston restaurant, named Cullens, is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster by offering the same 10-course meal that was served to first-class passengers the night the ship went down. A bottle of 1900 Armagnac brandy will also be served. The dinner for 12 costs $12,000.

The Menu Includes:

Hors D'oeuvres - Oysters ala Russe Canapes a l'Amiral
1st Course - Consomme Olga Port Wine & Beef Consomme/ Maine Scallops/ Parsley/ Celeriac
2nd Course - Poached Scottish Salmon/ Sauce Mousseline/ Cucumber/ Caviar/ Chives
3rd Course - Filet Medallions Lilli Seared Foie Gras/ Pomme Anna/ Artichokes/ Truffles/ Sauce Perigueux
Chicken Saute Sauce Lyonnais/ Stuffed Zucchini
4th Course - Roast Rack of Lamb/ Mint Sauce Roast Duck/ Apple Puree/Sirloin of Beef/ Pomme Chateaux
Buttered Green Peas/ Creamed Carrots Rice Pilaf/ Pomme Parmentier / Boiled New Potatoes
5th Course - Punch Romaine
6th Course - Roast Pennsylvania Squab/ Water Cress/ Herbed Croute/ Bread Sauce/ Game Chips
7th Course - Chilled Asparagus Vinaigrette/ Salad Frisee/ Oranges/ Radish
8th Course Pate de Foie Gras/ Celery Salad/ Toasted Brioche/ Sauterne Jelly
9th Course - Waldorf Pudding Poached Hill Country Peaches/ Chartreuse Jelly Chocolate & Vanilla Eclairs French Vanilla Ice Cream
10th Course-  Selection of Texas Cheese/ Fresh Seasonal Tree & Vine Ripened Fruit

Who can eat that much food!  No wonder it costs so much. I'd have been stuffed after the first two courses.  Don't forget you can enjoy a similar meal at our Titanic Experience Saturday at the Stanley Theater for a lot less.  Get your $45 VIP tickets that includes a meal on the infamous Stanley stage.  There will also be wine tasting, chocolate, entertainment, casino games and prizes.

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