Patrick Hughes was born without eyes and with a tightening of his joints that makes it impossible for him to walk or even straighten out his limbs. But incredibly, his disability hasn’t stopped him from joining the University of Louisville marching band.

With the help of his father, Patrick, who has had a talent for music his entire life, has managed to make the impossible possible, and has become an inspiration to anyone who has ever doubted the power of the human spirit.

When Patrick was only an infant, his parents discovered that he had a real talent for being able to hear music and play it back to them on the piano. Over the years, Patrick’s natural ability blossomed into some serious skill, leading him to play blues throughout high school. But when his father suggested that he should join his college marching band, Patrick was understandably doubtful about how he would be able to pull this off.

But when you have a father who is as dedicated to his son as Patrick’s dad is, anything is possible. Of course, Patrick wouldn’t be able to navigate his way around the field on his own, so his incredible father volunteers his time to push his son’s wheelchair in formation during football games while his son plays with the band. This super-dad spends the rest of his time working the graveyard shift at UPS.

The two make an excellent team and have a large and growing fan base at all of UofL’s home games. The one thing that is definitely certain is that this dad deserves a “father of the year” award for going above and beyond the call of parenthood.

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