Emergency service personnel from all over the Mohawk Valley will be participating at today's Fire Truck Spectacular. This giant event will be fun for the entire family!

When I was a kid I was obsessed with fire engines. I loved the way they looked, I loved the sound of blaring sirens, and I was fascinated with the concept that brave men and women  risked their lives to ensure my safety. In all honesty, I'm still enamored and mesmerized by the big red trucks, the screeching sirens, and the amazing work that our our fire fighters do.

Today it's the New Hartford Fire Department's Fire Truck Spectacular at the New Hartford Shopping Center.  According to the Observer Dispatch:

Ambulance services, fire equipment vendors and all area volunteer and career fire departments have been invited to the event, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. Trucks and ambulances on display are expected to include both old and new equipment, and new technology and gear.

There was quite a turn out at last year's event.  More than 3500 people showed their support for some of Central New York's most courageous men and women. Last year, members from 38 departments came out to the "Spectacular" event.  Today's event will be just as memorable.

Here are some vintage photos of the Utica Fire Department from 1915.

Just Jen