Fact: Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. You should be able to overlook some flaws in the sake of love.

I'll be honest I have plenty of flaws. For example, I always forget to get my hair cut when it gets too long so I grow ugly sideburns. I like to eat food that isn't healthy for you, and I hate lettuce. A handful of flaws from yours truly. Hopefully I'll meet a lady who can ignore those!

Here are a few from Glamour you should be able to overlook:

-Those pleated khakis. If he cares so little about style, he won't care if you tweak his a bit!

-His kissing skills. Only a problem if he can't be taught.

-The sketchiness of his toenails. Again, this can be fixed.

What's one flaw you find easy to over look and what's one flaw you can't over look?

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