New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced free admission at Prospect Mountain Veteran's Memorial Parkway.

To honor all the men and women who served in our country's military, there will be free admission allowing everyone to access the parkway the weekend before Veteran's Day, November 5th and 6th.

The 5½ mile parkway located, just outside the village of Lake George, has three separate overlooks - The Narrows, Lake George and Eagle's Eye - to enjoy the scenery. A shuttle runs from the parking lot at the end of the parkway to the 2,030-foot summit of Prospect Mountain. The summit provides 360° views, while numerous locations just below the summit also provide viewing opportunities.

A self-guided nature trail, the remains of the world's largest cable railroad and picnic facilities can also be enjoyed by visitors. A 1.5-mile hiking trail ascends 1,630 feet from the village of Lake George to the summit of the mountain.

Fees to the Prospect Mountain Veteran's Memorial Parkway are $10 for a car, $4 for a motorcycle and $50 for a commercial bus.

Prospect Mountain once used an incline railway car to access the house at the top where people could dance and eat. When this failed, it was bought by G. F. Peabody and later donated to the State. In 1932 the building burned and was replaced by a steel fire tower.

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