Do guys want a good girl or a bad girl? Most always think bad but they may be wrong. According to an article on, men actually prefer the innocent women to the naughty ones. Here are the reasons why men want a good girl:

Corrupting Innocence is Fun: Guys like to be the leaders they want to be the ones to lead the nice girls into the land of corruption.
  • We Don't Take "Bad Girls" Seriously: While guys definitely can have fun with a bad girl, they won't bring her home to mom. Bad girls may have a good time but guys don't generally think of them for a serious relationship.
  • "Bad Girls" Are Intimidating: Bad girls tend to be a little too "in your face." Guys tend to be scared of a girl who is more experienced.
  • "Bad Girls" Seem Promiscuous: Guys will take a promiscuous girl for a night, but it's less likely they will look to one for a relationship. They seem like cheaters.
  • "Bad Girls" Style Makes Them Less Mysterious: If a woman shows everything right away by wearing revealing clothing, there is no mystery. Guys like a little mystery and they will let their imagination lead the way.
  • Guys Have Control Issues: A bad girl may be harder to control, and guys like to feel like they are in the driver's seat.

Why should men date good girls?