The unseasonably warm weather isn't the only sign Spring has arrived.  Golf courses have opened up early than normal for this time of year, ice cream shops are serving up tasty treats and BBQ's are being used.

For me, there is nothing like dinner on the grill.  Not only is it tastier, but it's faster than the over or stove and it doesn't heat up the house.  Plus, clean up is a breeze.  There's no pots to scrub, no pans to clean.  Just turn off the gas and close the lid.

During Spring and Summer, we try to grill out as much as we can.  From steak, chicken and burgers to green peppers, zucchini and potatoes.  It all goes on the grill if it can.  If I could just figure out how to cook rice on the grill, we'd be all set.  Serve it all up with a side of potato or macaroni salad and dinner is complete.

Before you know it, it'll be corn season.  Yum!

What's your favorite thing to cook on the grill?